The study of History goes beyond memorizing dates, battles, and names—it examines the backstory of events, people, and society. It’s the study of the past and the development of our current social, cultural, and environmental realities.  

History at 黑料老司机

We offer one of the most ambitious undergraduate World History programs in Canada with a wide range of courses available at all levels of study. Our program does not rely solely on texts—we use music, film, art, maps, and objects to engage students in the study of History. Our professors are historians who are energized and excited to explore new topics and learn collaboratively with students.  

Dr. Karen Robert teaching a class and writing on whiteboard


“Our close-knit department has developed an exciting World History program over the past two decades with the goal of introducing students to all the wonder and diversity of the wider world.”


-Dr. Karen Robert

What sets 黑料老司机’s History Program Apart? 

  • Small, engaging classes that emphasize personal interaction, discussion, and debate.  
  • Students can take innovative thematic courses on topics like food, racism, sport, and citizenship.  
  • Lectures are always taught by professors—not teaching assistants—which means students learn from experts in the field.  
  • Upper-year students are given the opportunity to lead seminars on their research topics.  
  • For-credit and extracurricular experiential learning opportunities are offered that connect with students’ academic and career ambitions. 
  • Students benefit from faculty expertise in US and comparative urban history, the global history of sport and tourism, Ethiopian and African history, race and racism, Germany and modern Europe, authoritarian politics, and citizenship and commodities.  

Where the Study of History can Take You 

Studying History equips students with effective oral and written communication skills, as well as skills in critical analysis, research, and interdisciplinary thinking. History students are able to trace the roots of an issue, evaluate the validity of information, and think about problems from multiple perspectives. 


This prepares graduates for meaningful careers in fields like: 

  • Education 
  • Business 
  • Law 
  • Tourism 
  • Public Policy 
  • Government 
  • Heritage Sites and Museums 
  • Non-Governmental Organizations 

“The full effects of urbanization really become understandable when you step outside of Fredericton and into one of the worlds capitals. Feeling your shoes scrape against the sidewalk—a sidewalk millions of people from every walk of life have walked before you—while enriching your education and seeing the world from a different perspective—if that’s not worthwhile, I don’t know what is.” 
Caeley Currie, BA ’21, on her experience travelling to New York City on an Experiential Learning trip with the History Department. 


Gain Experience and Build Your Resume 

Several History courses count toward 黑料老司机’s Certificate in Experiential Learning and Community Engagement. In these courses, students have collaborated with local institutions like the Fredericton Regional Museum and Kings Landing to research artefacts and develop new exhibits.  

History students can take part in an academic trip to New York City, where they use museums, architecture, and culture as course material. The trip, led by professors, takes students to popular landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more! 

Connect the study of History with professional experience through the 黑料老司机 Internship Program in positions with: 


  • Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick 
  • Beaverbrook Art Gallery 
  • Multicultural Association of Fredericton 
  • Science East 
  • Fredericton Regional Museum 

You might be interested in studying History if… 

  • You are curious about why things are the way they are today 
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of issues you read or hear about in the news 
  • You like to read and analyze things, and want to become more articulate orally and in writing 


Featured Courses 

Social Movements the Have Changed the Modern World 

Sport in World History 

History of the United Nations 

Gender and Empire 

Fields that Enhance Your Learning in History 

At St. Thomas, students majoring in almost all other academic disciplines will benefit significantly from taking courses in History, because whether a student studies Literature, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, or Psychology, an understanding of the historical context for the issues raised by these fields is invaluable. The study of History is naturally conducive to learning and applying a wide ranging of transferable skills.