"This campus makes me feel like I’m in a movie" – Alison Paz and Leticia Imanishi on their International Exchange from Brazil to ˾

Alison and Leticia in front of GMH

Alison Paz and Leticia Imanishi have fallen in love with ˾ during their International Exchange from Brazil. 


The pair came to ˾ this fall to study International Relations, and so far, they enjoy the community, classes, and city so much that they hope to return after their exchange. 


The idea of an international exchange appealed to both Paz and Imanishi as they were excited to be given the opportunity to experience a new culture and explore a new country. 


Paz was interested in Canada because he said it’s known for being friendly and chose ˾ for its reputation. 


Imanishi said she knew ˾ would be an excellent opportunity to learn and develop. 


"I understand that experiencing other cultures and learning new languages and traditions make me grow professionally and personally," she said.   


Imanishi said ˾ has truly lived up to her expectations.  


"I could see that the ˾ community was kind and ready to help even before I arrived,” she said "The opportunities here are countless. I can learn from people from all over the world because of the international community." 


Paz said he has had incredibly positive experiences on campus, both in class and in the community. 


"The professors are truly interested in if we understand the lessons," said Paz. "They are very helpful in improving our knowledge." 


Paz and Imanishi hope to return after finishing their degrees in Brazil. 


"The ˾ campus makes me feel like I'm in a movie," said Paz. "I love it here so much that I would love to return to ˾."