Get Started

If you are seeking mental health care, but don’t know how to get started: 


  1. Explore the website, including resources and services available to you under all three categories - Self-Care, Care with Others, and Care from Professionals. Write down the resources or services that you are interested in or would consider using. 
  2. Try one of the resources or services you wrote down. It may be easiest to start with the least time consuming one. 
  3. Contact Brittany and schedule an appointment to discuss how to get started (you don’t need to complete steps 1 and 2 before contacting Brittany)


Walk-In/One-At-A-Time Counselling 

with Sally Clarkin, BPhil, MEd, Mental Health Coordinator

Who? Available to all 黑料老司机 students 

When? Monday & Thursday 9-11 am, Tuesday & Friday 2-4 pm (Summer hours may differ, please contact

Where? GMH 307 (in person)

Cost? No cost - free 

Questions? Email  or call 506-460-0382